Claiming Their Forever Paperback


Series: Feral Breed Motorcycle Club, Book 3.5
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Language: English
Format: Paperback, 90 pages
ISBN-13: 9780996146500



A Collection of Shorts in the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club Series

Lost moments and deleted scenes from the bestselling Feral Breed series. From the quiet after the storm in Claiming His Witch to a private moment as two mates start their future, these stories let you revisit your favorite Feral Breed couples. Featuring stories about Rebel and Charlotte, Gates and Kaija, and of course Phoenix and Zuri.

Together, they will claim their forevers in these six tales of love, fate, and futures including…

Claiming Their Forever

He feared she’d never truly be his…
She died inside when she watched him fall…
Together, they will claim their forever.

Six months after their tumultuous introduction in Claiming His Fate, Rebel and Charlotte continue to struggle with their fated relationship. He worries she won’t accept the only life he can offer her, and she seems unable to let go of her fears and doubts. But after a night that puts the reality of death at their feet, the two finally realize what they have to lose. And how much they’re willing to do to hang on to one another.

A Feral Breed Motorcycle Club short story featuring Rebel and Charlotte, set during Claiming His Witch.

Death of a Witch

He died for her…
She’s willing to give up everything for him…
To start a new life, someone’s going to have to say goodbye to their old one.

The night Phoenix died, he made a promise he’s determined to keep. But the death of a witch brings about more truths than he’s prepared for, forcing him and Azurine to make a life-changing decision. One that affects or more than just the two of them.

A Feral Breed Motorcycle Club short story featuring Phoenix and Azurine, set shortly after Claiming His Witch.

Bitches Don’t Ride

He’d do anything for her, including ignoring his instincts…
She’s ready for the challenge of being more than his mate…
It’s time to introduce the Princess of the Feral Breed.

As the Feral Breed meet for their quarterly update, the Detroit den has a few surprises to announce, the biggest of which being the shewolf pledging their den. But when a fellow Breed member challenges her place, Gates has to fight an internal battle to protect her. To prove she’s worthy, Kaija’s going to have to stand up for herself, whether her mate likes it or not.

A Feral Breed Motorcycle Club short story featuring Gates and Kaija, set the month after Claiming His Witch.

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